• I have been wanting to write this post for quiet sometime now and I am …

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  • I have racked up quite the stack of books with all of my late night …

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  •   Let’s talk designer dupes, shall we? The Valentino Rockstuds have become incredibly popular …

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  • Being a busy dog momma, renovating our fixer upper & working a full-time job doesn’…

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    The Power Of A Statement Necklace + GIVEAWAY

    Can we all agree that there is something especially fun about accessorizing during the summer? There are so many fun summer festivities to show off your new accessory finds such as outdoor happy hours, beach…

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    It is finally here! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is now open to EVERYONE! By now I feel like I have tried on just about everything included in the sale. Yikes! Many hours were spent in…

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    2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks: Under $50

    As you guys have probably heard the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started last week (for cardholders) and opens to the public on the 20th! Last week I covered my top picks from the sale at…

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    Happy day two of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Did we all survive day one? Not gonna lie, yesterday was a bit hectic but I am alive! Today I am going to share the items that…

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    A Simple System For Budgeting

    I doubt that paying bills is on anyones list of favorite monthly activities, but the fact of life is that it cannot be avoided. When Chris and I bought our first home back in January, I…

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