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  • Kate’s August Beauty Favorites

    Kate’s August Beauty Favorites

    Being a busy dog momma, renovating our fixer upper & working a full-time job doesn’t always leave a ton of time for a daily beauty routine. However, I still like to try to make time each morning to get a bit dolled up. I’ve noticed when I feel good about the way I look when leaving the house the more confident I feel, which then leads to having a more productive day.

    Looking good is feeling good & feeling good about yourself leads to confidence

    I thought it would be super fun to share a few of my current favorite beauty products that I have been loving the last few months. My typical morning beauty routine takes around a total of 30 minutes, and 20 minutes of that time is normally blowing out my hair. Since majority of my time is spent on my hair I’ll start off with hair products I can’t live without.

    Favorite Hair Products & Tools: 

    1. Oribe dry shampoo and texturizing spray: I think we can all agree that Oribe products are life changing! (They smell absolutely amazing too) I have extremely fine hair and getting any sort of volume or texture can be a real struggle, especially the day I wash my hair. If my hair is freshly washed I will towel dry it and then spray a bit of the texturizing spray into my roots following up with a blow out. (Yes I spray it on damp hair even though the bottle says for dry hair) When it is completely dry I will add a bit more texturing spray and then will top it off with dry shampoo. Doing this helps keep my curls in place all day! If its been a few days since my last shampoo then I will drown my roots with the Oribe dry shampoo and will follow-up by round brushing the top layers. Add a bit of texturing spray, touch up my curls and I am all set to go. I love that these products don’t weigh your hair down or give it that gross sticky product feeling that you can get with some of the other hair products out there.

    2. T3 Mirco Curling Iron: So I’m actually just getting on the curling iron trend. (I have always used my straightener to curl my hair. But I hated how you could never tell how the curl was going to turn out and some pieces would end up more curly than others) So when I decided to take the plunge and purchase a curling iron I did a ton of research & found that almost every girls favorite curling iron was the T3 Convertible curling iron with the 1.25 inch barrel. You guys it is AMAZING, total game changer when it comes to curling your hair! I have used it for a little over a month now and will never go back to using my straightener!

    It does get super hot so make sure to only use the 2nd-3rd highest heat setting and to always use a heat protectant! My favorite heat protectant for the last year has been the Aveda Brilliant Damage Control Spray! It works wonders and smells so good!

    Favorite Makeup Products:

    1. NYX Butter Lipstick:

    Hands down the best lipstick for its price. The NYX butter lipsticks have a creamy satin finish and are super lightweight! It literally feels like lip-balm. With 34 shades there is definitely a lipstick for everyone. I have found that the more pigmented shades are the ones that last the longest. They also offer a matt finish in 45 different shades if that’s more your style.

    These are my 4 favorite shades:

    Snow-Cone: A shear yet buildable light pink color. It looks like a neon version of Hubba Bubba bubble gum. I love layering this one with the shade Sweet Shock!

    Cotton Candy: This is a bright pink shade and comes off brighter than what it appears to be in the tube. In comparison it is a few shades darker than the Hubba Bubba. A great starter pink for someone who may be a bit intimidated of hot pink lipsticks.

    Sweet Shock: This is my personal favorite! It’s definitely a more bold pink shade than the 2 listed above. It has a bit of a purple under tone which I love!

    Mary Janes: This is my go to lip color when I am feeling a bit sassy and want those bold red lips! The tube color is a bit misleading as it looks to be a bit of a darker maroon color but it is definitely a true red.

    Favorite Palettes

    1. Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette: This is a new favorite eyeshadow palette of mine! I actually purchased it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have used it every day since. I love that the palette is infused with cocoa powder which creates a yummy chocolate scent and is also amazing for your skin! For my day-to-day eye look I normally use “So Boujee” for my base color. “Rollin’ In dough” for my brow and “Gold Dipped” and “Famous” to smoke my crease. If I feel like being a bit playful with my makeup I’ll go for the shades “New Money” and “Classy & Sassy” to smoke my crease.
    2. Smashbox The Cali Contour palette: I am obsessed with this contour bronzing kit and I haven’t stopped using it since I bought it. I am pretty fair when I don’t self tan, so I was a bit concerned I would only end up using one or two of the shades. However I was pleasantly surprised when I tested the palette out. I found a use for every shade! Mixing the two matte contour/bronze shades gives me the perfect warmth while also defining the cheeks. And don’t even start me on this highlight!! It’s so glowy but not metallic and looks seamless on the skin. It is pretty subtle but buildable and oh so perfect. The blush is also a good one for every look, and I use the remaining two shades as eyeshadow!

    Favorite Body Products: 

    1. Supermodel Body Slimmer Shimmer Shape, Hydrate & Glow by Charlotte Tilbury: I have been seeing this product everywhere lately and cold not wait to get my hands on it. You guys it is everything people have said and so much more! It is a wonderful highlighter and is equally moisturizing and creamy. This product made my legs look airbrushed and added the perfect amount of glow. TBH I was like damn, my legs look good. Which is saying a lot considering they are my biggest insecurity.


    Now I want to hear from you! What are your current favorite beauty products?!

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    1. August 8, 2018 / 4:42 am

      I love Oribe! I use their shampoo and conditioner. I use drybar sry shampoo, it’s great!

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