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  • Organizing My Everyday Handbag

    Organizing My Everyday Handbag

    If you are anything like me, you are probably curious as to what other gals consider day-to-day necessities to keep in their favorite hand bags and how they organize/group each item accordingly? So, I thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse of what I consider a day-to-day necessity and how I organize each item. ​​

    First things first: Organization 
    ​My organization system fully relies upon what type of handbag I am carrying and where I am headed. My favorite day-to-day bag would be this Louis Vuitton Pouchette Metis Crossbody bag. This bag is the PERFECT size. It looks small but trust me when I say you can fit a TON in it. {Although this specific bag has become a hard to find item in store or online, I would suggest looking on apps like Poshmark for gently used bags at half the cost. I actually purchased this specific bag on Poshmark a little over a year ago. It was in mint condition and I ended up saving SO much money!} My #1 rule for ALL handbags is to have as little free-floating items in your bag as possible. AKA everything has a pouch and a place. Less free floaters = less clutter and a lesser chance that you will toss random items such as loose change or receipts into your handbag. Plus, who wants to have to dig around for your favorite lipgloss for 5 minutes? Not me!

    1. Handbag: This is hands down my favorite handbag I have owned to date and thats a lot of handbags. I personally love this bag for its style and structure. It is small, but mighty. Yah feel me? I love that this bag has an adjustable crossbody strap but also gives you the option of de-taching the crossbody strap if you wish. This bag has 4 separate compartments which makes me so happy. More room for pouches. This bag can be a little pricy but I have also listed a few similar options at more affordable prices. 

    2. Lip & Mouth Pouch: I always keep a tube of chapstick, gum and these mini flossers with me. No one wants chapped lips or leftovers from lunch stuck in their teeth. In this mini pouch I also like to keep my favorite lipsticks/ lip glosses in this pouch as well. 

    ​3. Feminine Products + Mini Emergency Kit:
    I call this my “Emergency” Pouch. It has everything {Okay, not everything but a few things to help out during those panic moments} you might need in it when you have those unexpected and sometimes stressful moments. Pads, Tampons, Band-Aids and Disinfect wipes. I love having these items grouped together that way I am not scrambling through my bag trying to find a specific item when in need. 

    4. Gift Card Wallet: I like to keep my gift cards organized in a separate wallet that way I am not scrambling through my wallet at checkout looking for a gift card. I know exactly where to find it and I don’t have to be “that person” holding the line up at checkout.

    5. Main wallet: This is where I keep my debit card, cash, loose coins, my ID, Insurance Card, important receipts and bank act info.

    6. Sunglasses: I don’t always keep my sunglasses in my purse as I have an overhead compartment in my car that contains most of my sunglasses. But when I do I make sure to always keep them protected in this case that I purchased at H&M years ago for Under $10.

    As I previously said, organization is key! I know I always get so frustrated when I can’t find what I am looking for in my bag, but having a pouch for each item prevents any aggravation and create easy access to all of your daily necessities. ​

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