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  • My Favorite Perfumes

    My Favorite Perfumes

    I know I am not alone when I say this  Every time I go on the hunt for a new perfume to add to my wardrobe I feel that the process is a bit daunting and overwhelming. There are so many different scents and each one is quite diverse. I am sure we could all probably agree that Target has been killing the home decor department for years and we all wished Chick-Fil-A was open on Sundays, but bring up your new favorite perfume in a room full of your besties and suddenly we find ourselves in a battle of the perfumes. ​WHAT IS YOUR SIGNATURE SCENT? DO YOU CHANGE UP YOUR PERFUME BASED ON THE OCCASION,


    I like to think I have a signature scent as Chris always used to tell me when he thought of me he would think of the perfume I wore when we first started dating (& still wear from time to time) Candy by Prada, it is in the warm and spicy fragrance family. However when I wear it, it gives of a sugary/ playful scent. Odd how that works right?!

    Truthfully, I don’t think I have a signature scent. I love the idea of having one, however I like to keep it interesting and mix things up. Today, I am breaking down each scent & why I love it!

    Bloom By Gucci
    It is a newer scent of Guccis and I absolutely adore it. I tested it at Nordstroms with my mom one day awhile back, after testing it on my wrist we went on with our shopping trip and made it a point to drop back into Nordstroms before going home so I could purchase it.
    I seriously couldn’t stop smelling my wrist. Bloom is a light, fresh floral fragrance and I LOVE it!

    Guilty Black By Gucci
    This has been a favorite of mine for quiet sometime now. I remember walking by the perfume section in Ulta on the hunt for a new blowdryer and another customer sprayed it as I was walking by. I obviously couldn’t resist. The notes are Sweet Lychee, Lilac and Wild Strawberry so it is definitely a sweeter scent. Although it is on the sweeter side it is also very light which I think is great for the workenvironment.

    Candy By Prada – aka My Favorite Date Night Perfume
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph this one because I had run out and didn’thave a change to replenish it before my shoot. But, Candy by Prada is definitely my go-to scent for date night. I love it for this special and sometimes rare occasion for the same reason as I mentioned above. This specific scent always brings Chris back to when we first started dating, so I like to wear it on date nights to kinda keep the light hearted fun “alive” if you will from when we first started dating.

    Bright Crystal By Versace
    So I actually have two go-to scents for a girls night out. 1st up on the list is Bright Crystal by Versace is always my go-to for girls’ night out because it is a super flowery/ flirty scent. When I think of girl time I think of pretty much all things girly and when I think girly I think of pink, flowers and flirtatiousness. The notes are Pomegranate, Peony, Magnolia and Lotus flower. 2nd on the list is a perfume my mom actually passed down to me, Dolce by Dolce & Gabanna. I absolutely love it and always get SO many compliments when wearing it. This is also a super feminine and flirty scent. Its notes are white daffodil, white water lily, cashmere and sandalwood. Every time I spray it I am instantly reminded on the smell of walking into a flower shop. It is super sweet but also has an “outdoorsy” scent as well.

    What are your current favorite scents? Keep this post in mind when on the hunt for your next signature or you’re looking for a new scent to mix up your fragrance collection.

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