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  • April Favorites

    April Favorites

    The month of April seemed to whiz by, how are we already in the beginning days of May? I am looking back at the last few months and wow, I seriously haven’t had time to just sit down and enjoy being in our new home. When we decided to purchase this flip home everyone told me we would be crazy busy for the next year, but I didn’t take it seriously as I thought I would be moving into a beautiful and finished home in March. Boy, was I wrong about the finished part. Homeownership is a never ending battle of yard work and paint touch ups.

    As April came to a very sudden close we also closed a few more loose ends with our flip home. We finished painting all of the cabinets in our house (hand praise emoji inserted here), base boards are in and most of our furniture and home decor items are now in their permanent spots. As we go into May I am looking forward to slowing down a bit and having time to enjoy our new home and our new puppy, Luna.

    My April Favorites

    • Favorite New Skin Care Product: As you guys have seen on my Instagram Stories I have always had problematic skin and am super insecure about the size of my pores. They are literally the size of peas. I have been on the hunt for a pore minimizer serum that 1. doesn’t break me out 3. doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and 3. actually works! As I have always been a big fan of Clinique products I decided ti try out there Pore Refining Solutions Serum. And let me tell you, I am SUPER impressed with my results so far.I have used it for a little over a month and would 100% re-purchase this product. {Full skin care routine is coming soon}


    • Favorite TV Show:This may come as a shock to those of you who know me, and if you have ever watched the 1st few episodes you will also probably be in complete shock as you probably were like ” What the fuck is this” and switched the channel. Shamless is Chris’s and I’s new tv show addiction. Shameless is about a seriously dysfunctional family of kids who manage to raise themselves in spite of their dad Franks lack of parenting and VERY unusual parenting style when he does choose to take on the father role. Chris and I spend most of the show in shock, but thats what keeps us watching. So, if you’re in need of a new show addiction, put this on your list and push through the first few episodes. 


    • Favorite Food: I have always been a salty food girl and have honestly hated sweets my entire life. Sweets were never something I craved and when I had the option to eat them I would turn it down and dive into a bag of popcorn instead. But, we have this new Bakery in town and they make the most amazing cupcakes and I have been completely converted into a sweets girl. Creations Bakery have a few locations in the DFW area and I would highly recommend trying out the bacon and pancake cupcake. I know it sounds horrid, but just trust me on this one.


    • Favorite New Home Project:I don’t know if you would really consider the guest bedroom a project but thats what I am calling it for now. I am going for a retro/ modern vibe in the room. Basically the room I have always dreamt of having. If Chris would let me I’d probably throw the vibe I am going for throughout the house. I just purchased a super fun wallpaper for an accent wall and I can’t wait to install it over the weekend. (A home tour blog post will be coming to The Hype soon)


    • Favorite Clothing Purchase: This was incredibly hard to choose as I have picked up some really fun items over the last month. So, I decided to pick two. One casual item, this striped tee and one dressier option, this jumpsuit. This tee I picked up from J. Crew has become one of my most loved go-to items in my closet. Throw on your favorite jeans and some cute shoes and you’re looking super cute. And this jumpsuit, I just have no words for. It is so freaking comfortable yet looks so chic on.
    Your Most Asked Question: I have gotten a TON of DM’s asking about my floor length mirrors in our master bedroom. Funny enough, they came with the house. They were actually those hideous sliding closet doors for our master closet that I just had to get rid of when we first purchased the home. As we were moving in I could not justify spending $200+ on a decent floor length mirror. Then I had the bright idea of removing the wheels and cleaning up the large floor length mirrors we already had. Sorry to break it to ya, but I have no idea where they are from or how much they would cost. I’m sure you could find some similar ones at your local HomeDepot or Lowes.

    Photos by: Angie Garcia Photography

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