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  • Don’t Hit Snooze On The PJ Trend: Romper Style

    Don’t Hit Snooze On The PJ Trend: Romper Style

    Chris is always joking that the minute we get home, I run for the closet and jump into my PJs or as we call them in our home “comfy clothes”. I can’t help it, I love to get comfy. But who doesn’t love getting into your favorite PJ set at the end of a long day?

    Cute PJ sets have always kinda been my thing, but day-time rompers have not . Over the last few months I have noticed PJ rompers have been hitting the stores like crazy and I am totally on board. I was a bit skeptical at 1st as rompers have never flattered my body type, but I took a chance and ordered this one. As soon as the mail man dropped it off on my porch I ran for the closet to try it on. I originally thought it would be something I hated and would end up returning. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the fit, look and comfiness. I can’t pin point what sets them apart from day-time rompers but these PJ rompers are actually super flattering! 

    You don’t have to worry about loosing the matching top and it takes .5 seconds to hop into it. If you’re cutting down on the time it takes for me to get out of my work clothes and into my comfy clothes count me in! Plus they are SO cute and actually really flattering! ​

    Another reason to love pj rompers is that they are about 1/2 the cost of your typical PJ set which is even better. I also love that you can get a super casual laid back PJ romper or you can spice it up a bit and get one with a bit of lace detailing and a velvet.

    The one featured in today’s blog post is from Express (I actually think this was meant to be worn as night time attire aka club/ bar wear but it is a little risqué/ intimate to be worn in public for my taste.) and is actually on sale for UNDER $30! I have it in both pink and black and I absolutely love the feminine touch the lace gives.

    Below I have linked a few of my favorite PJ rompers along with a few of my favorite PJ Sets!

    Romper Edition:

    PJ Set Edition:
    I was always a PJ shorts set girl and I have been totally transformed and HIGHLY recommend you trying out the new pj romper trend. What is your favorite type of comfy clothes? 
    Here is an extra dose of cuteness if the romper didn’t do it for ya! This our new baby, Luna.

    Photos by: Madison Katlin Photography

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