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  • Pink Party Dress Styled For Easter Sunday

    Pink Party Dress Styled For Easter Sunday

    Hello! Hi! I know it has been way too long since I’ve been on or written anything. Life has just been a little CRAY lately and I am just now getting back into a scheduled routine. Thank the lord (Insert praise hand emoji) because I have been on the verge of a break down. {Rant is over, onto today’s post} Guys!! We are one week and two days away from Easter! Like what?! It feels like New Years was just last week, anyone else feel like this year is FLYING by?! In today’s post I am talking all about this pretty pink party dress that would be perfect for Easter Sunday or any fun event you have sometime this spring!

    How many of you are still on the hunt for the perfect easter dress? I am normally a last minute easter dress shopper but I saw this online and new it was THE ONE. I just couldn’t pass up this pink strapless goodness! If you aren’t a pink lover it also comes in ivory and black. I have also listed a few other dresses that I think would be super cute for any spring occasion down below.Already have your easter dress? No problem, this dress would be perfect for a spring wedding, a graduation or even a fun dinner party! Too dressy by itself? Easy fix! Pair it with a denim jacket and some Keds or a lower heel like these adorable pink bow heels I have paired with it. If you order it now and pick Standard Shipping it will get to you by Friday March 30th, just in time for Easter Sunday. 

    ​Do you have any big Easter plans or traditions? This year will be our first Easter Sunday in our new home! I can’t wait! We are going to have a low key dinner with Chris’s and I’s family (praying I don’t burn dinner, I am still trying to get this whole cooking thing down). This will also be the first family gathering in our new home, so we are both super excited and nervous at the same time.

    I hope you all have a wonderful week and an amazing Easter!
    ps. I promise to not disappear for months w/ out notice again. ​

    Photos by: Angie Garcia Photography

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