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  • 6 Ways To Get Into The Halloween Spirit + A Striped Wrap Skirt

    6 Ways To Get Into The Halloween Spirit + A Striped Wrap Skirt

    Happy Friday, friends! Can you believe we are DAYS away from Halloween? This year has just zoomed by and I am going to need 2018 to slow down a little. Anyone else with me? I know Halloween is usually a holiday you either go all out for or completely skip over, so I wanted to share some fun ( low key ) ways to celebrate and get into the Halloween spirit! 

    1. Carve Pumpkins: Not saving my favorite for last this time! My absolute favorite thing to do in October is carve pumpkins! Granite I am not very good at it.. I still enjoy the activity itself. For as far back as I can remember my family has always gotten together two weekends before Halloween to pick out our pumpkins and get our carve on.  
    A fun trick I learned from my mom: To avoid that awful moldy smell that arises after a few days- Stick cloves and sprinkle cinnamon on the inner top of your carved pumpkin, your front porch will love you!

    2. Watch Your Favorite Halloween Movie: Horror films are a favorite of mine! 99% of them are are super predicable and not all that scary, but I love the cheesy-ness! My top 10 go to Halloween movies are listed below! #1 is my FAVE!
    1. Hocus Pocus
    2. Halloween
    3. Casper
    4. Ghost Busters
    5. The Shining
    6. Halloween Town
    7. Adams Family
    8. The Conjuring
    9. Casper
    10. The Haunted Mansion

    3. Cook Up Something Spooky: What better way to get in the spirit than with food?! There is no better way. I’ve linked a few great halloween recipes below!
    Jack’ O Lantern Quesadilla’s 
    Graveyard Chicken Enchilada Dip
    Pumpkin Devilled Egg’s

    4. Lay Back and Relax With A Good Book: A super simple and fun way to celebrate is by reading a good spooky book! Two of my favorite “spooky” reads are The Raven by: Edgar Allen Poe and Salems Lot by Stephen King. A good book series for the littles to read throughout the month is Goosebumps! This was a personal series favorite of mine when in middle school. 

    5. Vistit a pumpkin patch/ Corn Maze: Pumpkin patches are always so much fun, especially for the littles! Another fun option I love is a corn maze. If you live in the DFW area Hall’s Pumpkin Farm is a great location to do a little pickin’ and a little mazen’! ​

    6. Throw a Costume party: A costume party is an excellent opportunity to get together with your besties and also a great way to get into the Halloween spirit! Just because you are too old for trick-or-treating doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. No one is too old for costume parties! 

    Photos by: Angie Garcia Photography 

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