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  • The Halloween Costume That’s Already In Your Closet

    The Halloween Costume That’s Already In Your Closet

    Starting in late September and into the early parts of October the mass majority of people start the hunt for the PURR-FECT and trendiest Halloween costumes – many of which can cost a pretty penny. Even if you love Halloween as much as the next gal, do you really want to keep dishing out 50, 60 and sometimes even hundreds of dollars each year for a store bought costume you’ll never wear again? Heck to the no! Believe it or not, you can use items you already own to create this years Halloween costume that will definitely leave a lasting impression!

    Halloween is one of the most commercialized holidays of the year! People all around the world spend billions of dollars on costumes, pumpkins (I am guilty of going all out on pumpkin decor!), candy and decorations every year! Thats absolutely Bonkers!! I give myself a yearly budget of $100 per season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a New Years) to spend on decor items. However, I normally only purchase items that I know I can re-use the next year. With my seasonal budget of $100, spending half of that or even the entire budget amount towards a costume is just not reasonable. This is why I look to my closet when putting together my Halloween costume! ​

    In the past I have dressed up as Audrey Hepburn, a party animal and a hippie by using items that I already owned. This year I decided to be a bit basic and go as a cat!
    I snagged this adorable ASOS leopard print dress (Available in Regular sizing, Tall and petite) and my black suede OTK boots! I also found these super cute – and super old cat ears from probably the 2nd grade that I still had laying around. The only Item I did purchase was this super cute cat shaped coin purse from Charlotte Russe that was under $20! Below I will also list them items I used for my previous halloween costumes I talked about earlier. 

    Audrey Hepburn:
     1. Little black dress
    2. Pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings
    3. Black pumps
    4. Black sunglasses
    5. Black gloves

    Party Animal: 
    1. My favorite party dress- It was sequined!
    2. Black open toe heels
    ​3. (Purchased for under $5) Animal mask

    1. Distressed high waisted denim shorts
    2. Floral kimono and a cream lace tank top
    3. Beaded/ tasseled necklace
    4. Fringe boots
    5. Silk Scarf to tie around my head


    ​I hope you all have an absolutely amazing Halloween. If you end up creating an at home Halloween costume using items you already own I would LOVE for you to share them with me! Remember to check all of your candy before eating, be safe and aware of your surrounding and lastly have so much fun celebrating! ​


    Photos by: Angie Garcia Photography 

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