Versatile Must Have Summer Item

Versatile Must Have Summer Item

If there is one thing you buy this summer let it be this versatile dress. No the word “dress” is not an error. This adorable floral kimono I am wearing is actually a wrap dress.

I do not just like this dress I LOVE it! Why?

1. It can be worn 2 ways
2. It is floral and yellow!
(Yellow has slowly started becoming one of my absolute favorite colors. It is funny because growing up one of my best friends sisters was obsessed with the color yellow (her entire bedroom and bathroom was yellow) and I could not for the life of me figure out why anyone would ever like yellow. I remember going over there all the time never wanting to use the guest bathroom because of all the yellow. I was a dramatic 8 year old).
3. It is only $17
4. For being only $17 the quality is actually really nice
5. It is a great transitioning piece. You could easily pair it with a long sleeve top and these over the knee boots and have the cutest fall outfit!

Photos by: Angie Garcia Photograpy

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