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  • 4 Ways To Style a Bandana On The 4th

    4 Ways To Style a Bandana On The 4th

    Can you believe that July 4th is a week from tomorrow? Where the heck did this year go?! If you can’t tell by all of my Instagram post and captions the 4th is my absolute favorite holiday. I love that Summer is officially in full swing and that I normally get to take the entire week off to enjoy time with friends and family out at the lake house.When I think of the 4th of July I think of spending every bit of daylight out on the water, lots of laughs and BBQ. Although I hate BBQ (I know, no true Texan hates BBQ. But this girl 100% hates anything and everything BBQ) my entire family is a huge BBQ fan and love to cook out overtime they are together. 

    One of the most popular trends come 4th of July is a bandana. Wether it be a plain red, white or blue one or an American flag. The not only make a great accessory for any outfit but can actually be super handy on hot days like the 4th. A few of my favorite ways to style a bandana are listed down below. 

    1.) Tying it around your neck- if you soak it in ice water before wrapping it around your neck it will help keep you cool when out and about!
    2.) Make a headband out of it- Doing so can make it super easy to keep your hair out of your face! You can also throw your hair up in a pony tai using the bandana has a hair tie. 
    3.) Wrap it around your wrist- This can be used for the same purpose as #1 and also makes a super cute bracelet! If you don’t plan on getting wet on the 4th you could also get a cute watch face and use the bandana as a wrist band for your watch! 
    4.) Dog Accessory- Option number 4 has to be my favorite, its a great way to keep your dog cool and also keeps them looking patriotic, plus I wanted you guys to see how adorable Pais was last year! 


    Photos by: Madison Katlin Photography

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