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  • Eyelet Lace blouse

    Eyelet Lace blouse

    Hey there! It is finally Friday and the weekend has been calling my name all week! It is hard for the weekend not to be calling my name when Dallas has so many fun activities  this time of year.

    My favorite thing to do is go try out a new Mexican (or Tex-Mex as Chris likes to call it) restaurant, sit on the patio and enjoy yummy food while sipping on a marg or Sangria. I am pretty sure my favorite thing to do in general is eat Mexican food. Haha
    I am such a fat ass at times. I swear. I am never full.
    What is your favorite type of food/ what do you love spending your weekends doing?
    Comment down below!

    This white eyelet lace blouse immediately caught my eye when browsing through Target. Get the comfort of your favorite comfy Tee + the style of a cute blouse!
    I swear I can never buy just one item at Target. (I know I say this all the time, but it is the sad reality of my Target trips.) I go in for a gallon of milk and come out with a whole new outfit, all new decor for the bedroom and get home and somehow still need a gallon of milk. Target Struggles are real.

    A girl can never go wrong with a simple white blouse, especially mid Summer! It is super lightweight and comes in two other colors which makes me love it that much more.

    Photos by: Madison Katlin Photography


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